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Sandro Fazzi has been always fascinated by horror and mysteries. Going to Prague he has been charmed by the city and its legends, particularly those of the Hebrew Prague.

The histories of the Golem then, for their modern sight, part of Terminator and part of Ctulu myths, have struck him so much he wanted to write "Golem's Progeny" and "The Call Signal"


Literary CV
When I was a teenager I have written for a small newsmagazine in Rome with a group of friends. We printed some dozen copies with one of the first DTP softwares and sold them. In my articles, I created a fictional character, a parody of Indiana Jones. His adventures were a pretext to both joke against some bad situations and report them as well. I also wrote some short stories.

Golem’s Progeny is my first novel. I plan to write a Golem trilogy, where Golem’s Progeny is first episode. I am now finishing writing The Call Signal, third and last episode of the trilogy, and planning (and collecting info) for second episode; its work title is Pitbull.

At the end of this trilogy I will write White Revenge, a spin-off from The Call Signal, with one of my characters, a Mossad agent, trying to stop a nuclear terrorist act against Jerusalem. To avoid any misunderstanding, White Revenge is the name of a fictional, racist group of KGB agents. Their cruel, mercyless leader is the villain of the story, to defeat to avoid a mass murder.

I am fascinated by a native american dark legend about the Wendigo, a forest's spirit, and this will be subject for another book. And other books will be...

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