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Golem's Progeny and The Call Signal are my first two books. Some years ago I was not thinking that I would ever have managed to write books, and I did not even tried seriously. Then, one day, for completely fortuitous circumstances, I have set foot to Prague. It has been a love at first sight. Love for the city, for its architectural and cultural wealth, and for its Hebrew culture. It is not possible to talk about Prague without talking about his very ancient and very deep-rooted Jewish community, at the point to have put roots in the popular imagery also of not Jewish Prague. Between the innumerable legends that circulate to Prague, difficult not to run into that one of the Golem, one of the more enchanting and dark ones.

The term robot comes from the Czech word that means worker, and the Golem is the most ancient history of warlike robots, famous ancestor of the saga of Terminator. Ancient in centuries, but surprisingly modern, with his password, the control systems, its moral involvement, the saga of the Golem called my attention and fascinate me, deeply. I have written Golem's Progeny in a few months, almost about throw.

The Call Signal, more complex, has asked for years of researches, and is still unfinished, even if few work is still needed. There is a third novel that I have intention to write, and what is positioned in half sets out on journey between the events of the first and of the second book. The headline will be Operation Pitbull. These three books are meant like a saga on the Golem, on this enchanting and mysterious figure. A fourth novel, whose headline will be White Revenge, is a spinoff of the saga.
The Golem will not be an absolute protagonist, but his list will be important, and absolutely not marginal.

"The Call Signal"
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At the dawn of Time a meteor fell on an infernal world, bringing with it something that had never been seen or known before: a life form. It found itself at ease under the primordial conditions, and it flourished, producing endless mutations...

"Golem's Progeny"

According to ancient Jewish legend in Prague, the famous Rabbi Loew created a monster, a sort of robot, called Golem to protect his community against the attack of Emperor’s soldiers. Four hundred years later, Nazi soldiers invading Czechoslovakia are under some mysterious attacks. Night after night, many strange, amazing things happen against Nazi soldiers, killing them one by one...

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