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“The Golem's Progeny” is one of the most original and creative novels I have read in some time, with a great sweep and scope of history, time, and action. Inspired by ancient Jewish legends and mysterious Kabbalistic traditions, it starts during the creation of the earth in a scene of immense grandeur and visual excitement. Then the action moves forward in time to the era of World War II, when we see the historical manifestations of this ancient horror.
I don't want to describe the novel too thoroughly, because that would spoil the suspense (and this is a very suspenseful novel). Suffice to say, this is a cracking good read, the kind of book that will keep you turning the pages into the early hours of the morning. This book is not for the faint of heart or those afraid of the dark. “The Golem's Progeny” is a "thriller" in the real sense of the word. I highly recommend it.

Douglas Preston”

Sandro Fazzi's Interview

Posted on 28 february 2011


My first TV interview! Here I met my friend and collegue Elena Torre; she is a beautiful, charming woman and an excellent novelist.

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Mario Spezi's Review

Posted on 28 february 2011


“Sandro Fazzi is a bad guy, because he tells you things as they are, without embellishments... he researched in history, medicine, chemistry, science, a habit that unfortunately many Italian writers do not have; in this, Sandro is more American than Italian, and also our friend and colleague Douglas Preston was struck by him...I noticed an excellent use of Italian grammar and subjunctives... I am really surprised a novel like Golem's Progeny has not found the road to be published; I am surprised and saddened.
(Mario Spezi, introducing Golem's Progeny in Florence, April 21st 2009)

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