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At the dawn of Time a meteor fell on an infernal world, bringing with it something that had never been seen or known before: a life form. It found itself at ease under the primordial conditions, and it flourished, producing endless mutations. These now many life forms controlled the planet, and changed it, adjusting things to suit themselves.
The progeny of the original creature, after endless mutations, became sentient, and finally evolved into the human race.
But part of the creature had not followed the road of evolution. It remained equal to itself, equal to the ancient sky pilgrim.
It was doomed to face its progeny.
Many millennia before the birth of Man in Nazareth, men called this creature Golem, and they understood its powers. Golem had allied itself with men in a war that was to have brought the annihilation of the planet.
Centuries passed, and the men forgot the Golem.
That is to say, almost all men except the Controllers.
This is because it was the duty of the Controllers to guard the Golem and to see that it could not fight the human race anymore. But twice their duty failed - during WWII when the Controller of Prague betrayed his own mission and the Golem fell under the Soviet control, returning to be a biological weapon of extermination; and then ten years later, after the new Controller had succeeded in re-establishing the situation in a tragic operation that the CIA called Pitbull. But a legend of the People of the Book (the Hebrews) says that on the Day of Judgment, the Golem will have the wish to destroy the world, and only the man whose name is written, the Controller, can stop it.
If he is be able to...


The name of the character is Amos Vilnài. Some things about him: his grandfather, Lithuanian of Vilnius, was Boris Tchelychev. In the 30s he ran out from his Country to escape the general anti-Semitism climate. He joined with the Irgun, acting, among others, terrorism acts against English government in Palestina. He helped to organise a clandestine transport of European Jews to the next-to-be Israel. The Irgun helped the immigration in Israel of about 18.000 persecuted European Jews. The immigrants' first ship was 4/13/1937 and it finishes him 2/13/1940. Vilnài grandfather was on one of those ships, in the summer 1937. On one of these ship journeys he met Ester, from a wealthy Hungarian family who had lost everything. When the Irgun became, in 1948, the Israeli regular army, Boris, who had changed in the meantime his name as Yitzhak Vilnài, remained in the army, but he started co-operating with the Mossad. The son of Boris-Yitzhak, grown in a Kibbutz, did the same thing, and so the nephew, Amos. When The Call Signal starts, Amos is an outsider agent, a stray dog loving his own way; his boss hates him, because he can obtains results acting out of the book. He has a strange relationship, full of respect, with his enemy, Mohammad Al Sahaf Ayham, AKA Mohammad the Brave; he calls Vilnai The Lion. When Pandora Event happens, and ten cities are wiped off in one second, Mohammad Al Sahaf Ayham swears Pandora was not an Islamic terrorism act, and Vilnai believes him. Some clues point to Prague, where Vilnai takes contact with an obscure man, and where he faces the incredible reality of the Golem... and of two groups of people that have the power to control the Golem: the Controllers, thousands of years have one of two groups; their task was of preventing the Golem from provoking the Event Pandora, but they have missed in part. The second group has been born from a split in the Controllers, they call themselves The Avengers, and want to use the Golem as weapon to protect Israel...

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